Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kids and AntiPsychotic Drugs: I am furious.

I have a very bad emotional habit. If something in particular is making me angry, or upset, I tend to seek it out, just to make myself more upset. It's a very bad habit, but in this case, I'd like to think my anger has a good point behind it.

My girlfriend is 17 and takes antipsychotic drugs. Now, I am not all too thoroughly upset by this. She is a young adult now, and she has had trauma and abuse in her life. But as I thought about it, I ended up watching the documentary The Medicated Child, which was posted, on Tom Naughton's Fat-Head blog about a month ago. You can watch it here http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2011/02/19/the-medicated-child/ Once the first 20 minutes of embedded video is over, you can click in the video to finish the documentary.

Tom makes a fantastic point that it's no surprise children will act very strangely when given a diet that is made up almost entirely of processed shitty sugary low-fat foods. Number one, these children's brains are in development. 60% of the human brain is made up of fat. And because the government's idea of a healthy diet almost completely strips you of the natural fats that young minds need to stay healthy, their minds are being deprived of essential nutrients they need to grow healthfully.

"You become depressed when fat [in the diet] is low, and particularly when dietary cholesterol is low. The human mind becomes depressed. Even the primate mind, monkeys become depressed on a low cholesterol diet. So they [people on low-fat low-calorie dies trying to lose weight] end up kind of blue, and miserable, and hungry...."
Mary Eades.

Second of all, due to the lack of fat, amongst other things, the amount of empty carbohydrates and sugars in children's diets has become astronomically high. Bread here, rice there, corn here, potatoes there, flavored, sugary drinks everywhere. I happen to think sugary beverages are a gift from Satan, but that's just me.

Thirdly, even a glance at the ingredients in all the processed foods kids' diets are based on are unpronounceable, unnatural additives, preservatives, flavors, colors... I tend of think of it has "the pharmacy on your plate" in terms of the amount of chemicals found in processed foods.

A child's developing mind is being fed this utter horse **** every day, stripped of essential nutrients and fats for their brains, fed sugary, chemical-laden foods, with their blood sugar spiking all day long, and somehow are expected to develop normally mentally? Surprise! More and more young children everyday are being medicated because of abnormal behaviors, being labeled with disorders such as ADHD, Depression, and Bipolar disorder. Let me just get this straight... Kids are being fed fat-free, high-carb, high-sugar, chemical laden foods, they don't behave normally, and the solution is? Put their young developing minds on antipsychotic drugs that will interfere with their brain chemistry. That's brilliant!

Who really knows after all what kind of long-term mental effects can occur from giving them these drugs? Who cares, as long as they act normally with them, right? By God I cannot even begin to describe how disgusted I am with this practice. It's happening everywhere. I don't want to grow up in a world where all of my co-workers are almost mentally disabled because as a child they were fed processed garbage food and a barrage of antipsychotic drugs.

It's really very frightening. With the combination of poor diets and mind-altering drugs, I can't help but fear that parents are causing severe, irreversible psychological damage to their children, the drugs sometimes making things worse than before they were first introduced to a child. And I'm willing to bet the bare minimum of maybe 60-80% children on mental medications could drop them, if they were on a healthful diet, and many children, if raised on a healthful diet, would never have to start taking them at all. Of course, some children are simply born with psychological disorders, or develop them later in life, and diet and/or therapy are not in and of themselves enough for them to live their lives fully. I know that. But I have faith in the idea that much of this national problem could be remedied.

Parents of the country, mark my words. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, feed your kids real, whole foods. Don't feed them frozen shit that comes in a box, or shelf-stable starchy crap on store shelves, or drinks that contain about as much sugar as a cupcake. Real, whole, unprocessed meats, natural full-fat dairy, fresh, even frozen non-starchy vegetables, nuts, a few fruits, natural fats... Stop feeding them starches, grains, and sugars. Stop stripping the fat out of everything thinking someday it'll kill them. The processed fatless diet is what will kill them and their precious minds. It doesn't have to be organic or raw or grass-fed to be more healthy than the typical kids' diet in this day and age. Don't give into this agricultural money-based B.S. logic that says a diet should be based on plants and grains. It's all completely wrong. Look up Weston A. Price, Sally Fallon, Gary Taubes, Tom Naughton, Jimmy Moore, and Mike and Mary Eades. They'll give you the truth about this dietary disastrous mess.

God bless.